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The Aerolux Trailer is a teardrop camper/cargo hauler that is designed to reflect the unique style of the late 30's/40's/ 50's Art Deco era while offering an affordable way to personalize a trailer to your own taste. We offer builder level kits up to completely finished trailers ready to take home. 

Aerolux in Action

Aerolux in Action

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Trailer Designs

Level 1

6 Piece Fiberglass Side Kit (White Gelcoat)

Basic starter kit - Customer builds the complete trailer

(Pricing Not Available At This Time)

Level 2

DIY Rolling Kit

- 8 piece fiberglass kit

- Inner and outer door panels  trimmed & bonded together

- Doors and skirts fitted and assembled to sides with hardware installed, and windows installed

- Interior 3/4" plywood sides cut out and marked for assembly

- Welded steel rear tailgate ready to install

- Rolling trailer frame

(Customer assembles and completes trim out)

(Pricing Not Available At This Time)


Level 3

Partially Assembled Rolling Kit - Includes Level 2 Package PLUS ...

-Plywood walls water protected and installed on trailer frame

- Wooden cross braces installed

- Fiberglass sides installed on plywood walls, and sealed

- Welded steel rear tailgate installed with lifting gas struts and locking latch

(Customer completes exterior assembly, trim out, and installs interior) 

(Pricing Not Available At This Time)


Level 4

Assembled Base Trailer Ready To Tow - Includes Level 3 Package PLUS ...

- Painted, welded steel rear tailgate

- Fiberglass panel installed on roof and tailgate

- Plywood sides and trailer roof sealed

- Waterproof cover on rear tailgate hinge installed

- PVC trim installed on body and tailgate, and sealed

- Tail lights installed

- Interior 3/4" walls installed

(Customer adds aluminum skin, gravel guard, floor, and interior)

(Pricing Not Available At This Time)


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