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The Beginnings of Aerolux Trailers

During the 1930s there was a boom in travel trailer popularity. This was spawned by the desire to travel, despite the economic woes of the time. The trailer could now take the place of expensive lodging, restaurants and commercial travel.

By the end of the decade there was a flourishing interest in smaller, aerodynamic, owner built trailers. These evolved into the very popular 1940's "teardrop" trailers that were such an efficient design that little has changed in 80 years!

Since the onset, the standard formula for construction of the trailer body has been a set of flat plywood sides cut in a streamline shape. The front, roof and rear hatch are then formed by sheet goods, aluminum, fabric or wood attached between the sides giving the trailer body that unique teardrop look.

During the last few years, custom car designer/builder/sketch artist Marty Martino's imagination has given thought to what if I designed and built an art deco trailer of the late 30's formed from steel, plywood and fiberglass using late model trailer construction techniques and the most advanced products available. In the late 1930's, the teardrop trailer had been styled by the premier automotive designers of the Streamline Modern era i.e. Gordon Buehrig, John Tjaarda, Figoni et Falaschi. The new design focused on adding sculptured form to the normally flat sides and simple fenders in use for the last eight decades.  The result is a trailer design that might have startled visitors at the 1939 New York Worlds Fair!

As it happened, vintage Rolls Royce enthusiast David Rogers saw some of the sketches that Marty had been working on and was immediately intrigued! His first question was "why aren't we building these?".  David then brainstormed with Marty to hone and detail the design.

Thus was born, the "Aerolux" trailer. It was then further tweaked into a production fiberglass side kit that can be built into a useable camper and cargo hauler. Having sold many side kits to custom builders it became obvious that a more complete package would better suit the broader market for the do-it-yourself builders. As it would happen custom car builder, engineer and custom trailer enthusiast Ray Travis discovered the Aerolux fiberglass kit and immediately decided "I need one of these trailers to tow behind my 1939 Chevrolet". His immediate thoughts were "I can camp when attending car shows, I can haul all my necessities when attending a show and it would complement the style of my car perfectly".

After contacting Marty and David and building a prototype trailer, Ray decided to join forces with the Aerolux team. After many discussions it was decided that Ray should acquire Aerolux Trailers and take it to the next level. Now under the direction of Ray, and with Marty's and David's support, enthusiasts with various skill sets can select a trailer package at different levels of completion to finish and personalize to their individual taste. Aerolux Trailers Inc. now offers many options online that will allow you to purchase a package and add features to build exactly the trailer you want at a very affordable price.  Development of additional options and features is ongoing at Aerolux Trailers so stay tuned. 

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